Mkhuseli Ciyo on Constitution & Public Procurement Policy Implementation
November 23, 2018
Procurement Policy & Legislation Implementation VS Discretion VS Procurement Practioners
November 24, 2018
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Political Versus Administrative Powers Facing by Procurement Officials

Mkhuseli Ciyo on Political Versus Administrative Powers Facing by Procurement Officials (street level bureaucrats)

Policy implementation challenges were also affected by the nature of the relationships between political offices and administrative offices that influenced public procurement. In a research by Bolton, he argued that the implementation of government procurement policy cannot be understood outside of the political governance environment.

Political entities are critical in the passing of legislation that directly or indirectly influences public procurement policy while procurement administrators are important in transforming laws and policies into actual procurement activity.

However, political entities have been noted to go beyond the above duties and to interfere directly with the decision-making processes of procurement practitioners.

Their interference includes the appointment of potentially-biased procurement personnel and the appointment of vendors. Despite being overridden by political forces, procurement practitioners are still burden and expected to meet the goals of public procurement policies. Unfortunately these results into procurement practitioners career suicide that definitely results into their career failures and fall from grace.

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